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The information society which is surrounding us and growing stronger by the minute is rapidly setting new standards and requirements in all aspects of life, and especially in business domain.

A dynamic adjustment of business practices to new requirements is clearly an imperative for every company. By development and application of information and telecommunication systems, whole new horizons and business opportunities open up, and, considering the range of solutions and services available on the ICT market, the possibilities of integration, innovation and creation of new solutions and services are unimaginable.

Since ICT systems are growing more and more sophisticated, outsourcing of consulting, projecting, implementation and maintenance services for those systems is becoming a standard business practice. The benefit from such a business model is twofold: on one hand, the client company does not spend its resources on tasks that are not its "core business", and on the other hand, a technically demanding and sophisticated work on ICT systems is done by professionals, thus assuring a high level of quality for the service, which is a basic requirement for any ICT system.

iProject's ICT experts will be glad to discuss your ideas, make a technical study if needed, and give you advice and technical support during planning, installation or upgrade of your information system.